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Re: [Xen-users] Re: About swiotlb and " ...PCI-DMA: Out ofSW-IOMMU..."error

Stephan Seitz wrote:
> Hi,
> as i'm going to install a bunch of new servers with xen 3.1.2, i'm really
> interested in which setup this Out of SW-IOMMU error occurs.
> Recent posts on xen-devel and xen-user are not really clear about the used
> hardware, the xen version and the dom0 kernel.
> To collect some statements:
> - It occurs when using 3ware controller on xen 3.1.2 with bundled 2.6.18
> - It occurs when using more than 2 G Ram (in dom0 ?)
> - It has to do with the used memory model (maybe only on 64bit xen ?)
> - One could ommit the error by limiting dom0 max_mem
> - It occurs when a pciback.hide()/pci=[] routed physical device is used
>   by buggy domU drivers (seen on the list w/. Infiniband card)
> My favorite installation would be xen 3.1.2 64bit w/ bundled (and slightly
> patched to support areca raid) 2.6.18 64bit dom0, running 32bit PAE
> domU's without any physical device access.
> The machines are dual Quad Xeons equipped w/ 32G Ram and areca raid 
> controller.
> As I do not want to waste time building packages just to end up with this
> strange error, could you please shed some light on me?
> Thanks in advance
> Stephan

Just wonder if anyone has found any solution yet.

I am seeing this problem on machines that have Dell PERC/4 or MegaRaid
SCSI controller. The machines have kernel 2.6.18 with 32bit non-pae Xen
3.1.2. Both machines have 2G ram, with 256MB allocated to dom0.

This error does not occur with 2.6.16. Also running Xen 3.1.2 with
2.6.16 seems working fine.


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