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Re: [Xen-users] Routed dom0 setup problem -- second time around

Stephan Seitz wrote:

> without a deeper look into it, i assume network-script is called
> via some kind of exec() and 'network-route netdev=dmz0' is trivially
> not found.  For easier use, I always use a wrapper script at this line.

Thanks.  It was my understanding that the syntax I was using was correct.
However, just in case, I tried making a custom copy of network-route, in
which the default value of "netdev" was changed to "dmz0", and changed
xend-config.sxp to invoke this custom script (without any arguments or
quote marks) instead of network-route.

It ran just fine -- I verified this by checking the "proxy_arp" values
for dmz0 and my other network interfaces, and proxy_arp was set to 1
only for dmz0 and not for any other interface (as expected if you look
at the contents of the network-route script).

However, my problem remains.  I can't get my domU to start, even when
using this customized network-route script.

> On second thought, you do have an interface named dmz0?  Or, do you
> want your bridge named dmz0?

I have an interface named dmz0, which has an IP address in the same
network range as I'm hoping to use for my domU's.

I'm trying to set up a routed configuration -- which, as I understand
this right now, means I don't want to be using bridges at all.  I need
to use a routed (NOT bridged) configuration in order for the Shorewall
firewall to work properly in my dom0.

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