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Re: [Xen-users] Fwd: Dinamically allocated memory in a virtual machine

Hi Madrivi,

> Hello, i have been looking for some info about how to expand dinamically
> the memory of my virtual machines, can someone give me a tip please?


>  I have basic skills with the xen world, just now  iam only able to create
> virtual machines from a template, manage them a little with xen tools, and
> i don't know how to manage dinamically this settings, memory, disk space of
> the virtual machine etc, when the machines are running.
> Is even possible, or can't be done?

The "xm mem-set" command can be used to resize the memory a domain is using.  
You can use it to shrink the domain's memory or to grow it again.

The "xm mem-max" command is used to set the maximum memory a domain is allowed 
to have.

Note that ordinarily XenLinux does not support being grown beyond its initial 
a location of RAM.  If you want to be able to do this, you need to add 
something like mem=4G (for a maximum of 4G) to the domain's kernel command 
line in order to tell it how big it might get.  This is so the guest Linux 
can size its tables to fit the amount of memory.

The above refers to paravirtualised (PV) domains.  If you install a PV driver 
kit you should be able to resize the memory of a fully virtualised (HVM) 
domain but I don't think it can grow beyond its initial size.


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