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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows

Michele Castigliego schrieb:
Hi guys,
I've done a Windos ITA fresh install under Xen in a non production
envirement and installed the GPL PV drivers. Now I have duplicated
(working) entries in my hardware list, but I think it's not correct..

If you are interested I can tell what I've done:

1. Install a Debian Etch + xen stable + quemu (I don't think it's really
2. Install Windows XP SP2 ITA under xen without (in)security updates
from Bill at the moment
3. Downloaded and extracted 0.8.9 GPL PV drivers
4. Launched install.bat (I didn't build anything, is it correct?)
4a. It showed me a console which tells: Windows XP detected... Install..
    and a ShotdownMon.exe error message:
    Application error 0xc0000135 -> OK to close.

This error occurs if the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is not installed.
shutdownmon needs this framework, the drivers itself should work without

    Then all goes as expected.
5. Finally I've rebooted non gplpv, founded new hardware, changed
boot.ini, rebooted gplpv, and founded duplicated entries..

Now I have two CDs, one QEMU and one XEN PV Scsi,  both working, two
network cards, same as above, two HD controllers but the HD is on the
old QEMU's one..

This is an often reported bug, AFAIK there is no real solution. In this
situation you're at high risk of corrupting your domU filesystem. You
shouldn't boot /gplpv if this occurs. I think it has to do with some
xen / qemu-dm device namespace as it depends which version of xen you're
running. It looks like internationalized versions of windows are hit more
often by this bug.

I've disabled the Realtek NIC by hand and still have networking throw

To use xen pv nic's, I've always changed the vif =[...] from type=ioemu
to type=netfront and changed the mac address as i found windows getting
confused by different nic's with the same mac.

If there is something more I can tell you, ask.


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