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RE: [Xen-users] Windows 2008

>Can you please send me detailed steps on how you installed xen 3.2.0 on
>Centos 5.1 64 Bits? I tried and failed. I am getting a box with 16 cores and
>128 GB, so I feel it is necessary to use Xen 3.2.0. And I will install also
>Windows 2008. The question is: Is SQL 2005 server going to work or the
>performance hit is unacceptable?

Sure, I downloaded the srpm's from the xen site, created a non root user and 
built the rpm's. I then simply let yum install them (temporarily disabled 
gpgcheck) but running yum from the same dir the rpm's were in and it pulled in 
the needed deps.

As far as SQL 2005 working, I am sure it will, but I cant account for the 
performance until stable pv drivers are available.


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