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RE: [Xen-users] Newbie users - xen-3.2

>I'm newbie who using xen - 3.2, and I have question. I have runing
>xen-3.2 on ubuntu 8.04, server have 2Gb memory and processor core 2 duo
>How many guest I running? Per guest I runing apache2+php5, other guest
>have running jabber server openfire.
>If I running 10 guest I don't have free  memory?

There is not one answer here. You have a physical limit of ram and need to 
allocate some to Dom0. You can divvy that remainder up as small as you like 
theoretically, but then you would run into a limit of what IO your physical 
system could handle which depends largely on its hardware and how IO intensive 
the DomU's are.

You have to test what it can handle with your given situation.


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