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Re: [Xen-users] Looking for easy guide for Fedora 8 xen networking

On Friday May 02 2008 07:02:21 am John Haxby wrote:
> Jason Solan wrote:
> > Ok after a couple more tests it turns out this is because I'm using a
> > wireless nic.  If I use eth0 (hardwire) then the eth0 bridge works as I
> > would expect.
> Aha!  Wireless NICs can't (yet) be put into promiscuous mode which is
> why it doesn't work.
> You get exactly the same trouble trying to use a wireless NIC as a
> bridge in VMware.

Also, AFAIK, you can't mix 802.1 & .11 ( or .16) on a bridge. You can use a 
wireless card in routing mode.

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