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Re: [Xen-users] domu boot from sda failed

On Friday April 25 2008 03:48:45 pm Holm Kapschitzki wrote:
> I solved the Problem cazse i compiled the domu kernel with CONFIG_SCSI=n
>    but now i have an other problem starting with "sda".
> EXT3 FS on sda2, internal journal
> Setting the system clock..
> Cannot access the Hardware Clock via any known method.
> Use the --debug option to see the details of our search for an access
> method.
> With "hda" there is not such a message.

I seem to recall an Ubuntu error a few months back with the 'hwclock' service. 
The work around involved disabling the service, or exiting the script right 
away, etc. Search the list for the last 6 months on 'hwclock'.

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