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Re: [Xen-users] tap:aio not working...

My SLES10 install also does not have a block-tap script.  I traced this down, though, and this is a standard line in the block script (I think) that just looks for any custom script for a particular device type.  If uses a variable that has the device type and looks for block-$DEVICE just in case there are customer scripts.  Don't think this is the issue.
Not sure about what script is generating that output, but I'll try to track it down.
I have another issue, now, after upgrading to SLES10 SP2 GMC (Beta, just before release) and that's that my Windows HVM domUs hang at boot time, now.  That, and they've changed the OCFS2 version from 1.2.8 to 1.4.0, which means that I have to upgrade ALL Of my servers to get them to see my SAN volume.  -Sigh- how annoying...

>>> On 2008/05/09 at 20:13, jim burns <jim_burn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wednesday April 30 2008 12:53:13 pm Nick Couchman wrote:
> Have also located and attached the xen-hotplug.log file.  I'm trying to
> figure out how to interpret it, but if anyone sees anything obvious...

This part of the output is curious:

+ p=aio:/xenstore/xenvol1/Projects/disk0
++ xenstore_read backend/vbd/0/51952/mode
+++ xenstore-read backend/vbd/0/51952/mode
++ local v=w
++ '[' w '!=' '' ']'
++ echo w
+ mode=w
+ case $t in
+ '[' -x /etc/xen/scripts/block-tap ']'           <-------------------------??
+++ export
+++ export LANG=POSIX
++++ set
++++ grep '^LC_'
++++ cut -d= -f1
+++ unset
+++ trap sigerr ERR
+++ log debug remove XENBUS_PATH=backend/vbd/0/51952

The marked line tests if block-tap is executable, and then suddenly jumps to
another script, which is doing a remove.

1) Is block-tap indeed marked as executable? My SuSE 10.3 system doesn't even
have a block-tap, so I'm not sure what package that comes from. What is the
output of 'rpm -q --whatprovides /etc/xen/scripts/block-tap'? If you don't
have it either, try 'yum install /etc/xen/scripts/block-tap'.

2) Can you verify what script the rest of the output after the flagged line is
coming from?

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