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[Xen-users] Re: xm create error - Unable to allocate memory

An alternative to VNC is to use sdl, just set sdl=1 in your config (instead
of vnc=1).

The Xen host has no graphical capability, i.e. no monitor and X not installed.

I have been trying to get VNC going. It is kind of weird. If I include a 'boot 
=' in the config file, I can't get a connection, virt-viewer displays 'unable 
to find vnc graphics for agree-20'

If I take the boot parameter out, I can connect but the BIOS tries to load from 
the HD which hasn't even been formatted yet.

PS: It would seem that the memory allocation issue, was more to do with not 
having a vfb defined.  as I have now had to put the kernel parameter back in.

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