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Re: [Xen-users] Solaris domU dies at boot

I'm straightened out, at least partly.

(Thanks Boris.)

I was trying to go back to NV87 from OS08/05, and I'd switched
everything except the ISO file, which was still the OpenSolaris CD.

Putting that back to the Nevada 87 ISO, I'm now booting into the
install routine as expected.

If history repeats itself I'll get a kernel panic once the OS is
installed and trying to boot into the runtime kernel, but if that
happens I'll start a new thread.

Thanks to everybody who pitched in to iron out my brain.

-- (a different) mrj

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 12:22:44AM -0500, Michael Jinks wrote:
> I'm still trying to get my Solaris domU working on a Gentoo dom0.  With
> Robert's help I now know the difference between Express and OpenSolaris,
> and I'm back to trying this with an Express ISO, Nevada build 87, now
> armed with the "-kd" kernel command line option.  (This is the newest
> build available, right?  And should work...?)
> I'm still getting a kernel panic when I try to boot the install ISO.
> Current config file is below, and the kernel panic I get when I try to
> boot the CD is pasted along with a stack printout, at:
>   http://pastebin.org/35375

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