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[Xen-users] Re: PV Drivers: XenSource ones VS GPL'ed (Ruggero Tonelli)


> I'm testing a windows 2003r2 installation on Centos 5 so i'im wondering
> about the reliability of Windows PV drivers on a domU running on the GPL
> "flavor" of XEN.
> - which are the most stable PV drivers GPL'ed ones or XenSource ones?
The GPL'ed have some issues especially with SMP, but they are evolving fast, 
so I hope they will mature in short time.

But to the downside:  They do not work on Centos 5  or any other RHEL 
derivate. There is some bits missing in RHEL's XEN which prevents the drivers 
from hiding the boot device. You will end up with a fatally destroyed NTFS 

Same is true for the PV drivers from Novell (that's the third solution out 
there). They are also commercial, but they also have the hiding problem in 

Hopefully 5.2 will fix that (don't know, the beta release notes don't mention 
it, but the beta release notes for RHEL 5.2 seem to be not in sync with their 
code anyway.

> - is safe running the XenSource ones on a GPL XEN machine or vice-versa?
They will not run on GPL XEN.


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