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Re: [Xen-users] Invalid install location

> Welcome :)

> This is true from paravirtualized (PV) guests. But if you have the right
> hardware support (VT-x or AMD-V) you can run unmodified guests

In this case, it's an IBM x445. I thought I had the right hardware but the 
Fully Virtualized option isn't available, it's grayed out. Perhaps I need to 
change a setting to allow it's use?

>> I decided to give it a try using a qmail distro.
> I don't know much about this one, so I won't be
> of help right away. Is it Linux based?

Yes, it's a pre-installed qmail system and it is indeed Linux.
> Sounds like you are using virt-manager, maybe on Fedora?
> you should take a look here:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Fedora8VirtQuickStart

It's actually a CentOS 5.1 OS with default Virtualization installation.
> I am also a co-author on a book called Running Xen, so I will recommed it,
> but if you are not interested, you still might find the references on
> our book website (runningxen.com) useful.

Oh I'll be needing some reading material once I get my hands dirty on this. 
Thanks for the lead.
> Give us some more information (your distro, Xen version, goals)
> and  we can give some more tips and pointers.

As noted above, Virt manager is 0.4.0, kernel xen now updating to 
And, xen, seems to be xen-3.0.3-41.

Basically, I, like everyone else who is interested in Virtualization, would 
like to move all of my low requirement machines onto Xen so that I can shut 
down physical servers, save power, save cooling, simplify things, etc.

I've consolidated pretty much all of my storage to aggregated virtual (NAS/SAN) 
pools on the LAN, and wish to start getting rid of physical drives in machines, 

So initially, my goal is simple, now that I see the VirtMan running, I'd like 
to install an OS, play around with it, start learning how it works along with 
all of the crazy new terminology I need to learn.


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