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Re: [Xen-users] DomU reboot issues


Not sure if this was the "correct" way to fix this problem, but it sure seems to have worked through all my tests so far. Here's what I did:

1.) downloaded all of the RPMS for xen-3.2 (except for the SRPM) from


2.) with all of the DomU's switched off, ran:

rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps for all of the rpm's starting in reverse order (xen-libs, xen-devel, xen-dbug and xen-3.20)

3.) modified grub.conf to include the new kernel:

kernel /boot/xen.gz-3.2

Rebooted the machine and all of the vm's started. They have since been rebooted, saved and restored and then rebooted, etc. And that is all working fine.

I may have created other headaches, but so far it looks much more like what I would have expected to begin with.

Thanks to those of you who responded!

Steven G. Spencer

Ray Barnes wrote:
CentOS 5.1 is quite problematic with Xen, much more so than Cent 5.0 (which
is completely tolerable IMO).  I've filed several bug reports with the
CentOS team.  The bottom line is that RedHat is lagging in terms of pulling
in Xen builds.  They also write many patches and hotfixes that stay in
binary form, releasing them only to paid clients (seemingly in violation of
the GPL).  In short, you'll need to roll your own if you want fixes to some
of these things, or just wait for CentOS 5.2 which won't be here until the
end of summer at best.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; I realize this
doesn't exactly answer your question either...


On 5/13/08, Steve Spencer <sspencer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok, CentOS5.1 with built-in Xen.  I have created 3 Virtual machines on a
 Dual-core XEON with 8 GB RAM.  Everything works swimmingly on Dom0 and also
on DomU most of the time.  When I reboot the Dom0 with all of the vm's
running, they are restored on the reboot as you would expect, except at this
point you cannot reboot the DomU's.  It hangs shutting down processes and
never finishes.  You /can/ then run a xm destroy vm and xm create vm and it
boots (and reboots) fine again.

The configs are all identical and are set up with this:

on_poweroff = "destroy"
on_reboot = "restart"
on_crash = "restart"

If you do an xm shutdown of the vm and then an xm create vm on reboot,
everything works fine as well.  Should I have something else in my configs?
 Anyone else run into this?

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KSC Corporate - The Kelly Supply Family of Companies
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