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[Xen-users] Is this typical memory usage?

I have xen 3.04 running on SLES10SP1. It's working great, but I'm
wondering if I have some memory issues with dom0. I have 7 domU's, 1 is
win2k, the other 6 are win2k3. 

I've had a lot of machines up and down with a reboot of dom0 in quite a
while. I'm wondering if dom0 has not given up memory during the process.
I added 5 win2k3 domU's today. They simply run reports, but the report
engine basically runs them one by one. Before adding and turning them on
dom0 was using over 8 GB of RAM. 

The server has 16 GB of RAM.

Right now all 7 domU's are turned on. According to virt-manager my
memory usage is:
dom0            8.68 GB
win2k           1.01 GB
win2k3_1        1.01 GB
win2k3_2        519 MB
win2k3_3        519 MB
win2k3_4        519 MB
win2k3_5        519 MB
win2k3_6        519 MB

I'm wondering if I shut down all the domU's and restart if I'll gain
some RAM back from dom0? Or, is this typical?


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