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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.9.0 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

jim burns wrote:
On Tuesday May 20 2008 08:04:20 am Scott McKenzie wrote:
I've finally found some time to test these new drivers on my system -
64bit dom0 Ubuntu Hardy w/xen 3.2; domU Windows 2003 i386 (SBS).  I
couldn't boot Windows after installing the drivers, ether with or
without the /gplpv boot option.  Startup stalled on the first screen of
windows starting, the black screen with the moving progress bar before
it switches to graphics mode.  The progress bar stopped moving and it
never switched to graphics mode.  I let it run for about 3minutes before
"xm destroy"ing it.  Normal boot is about 1:45 to the Windows login prompt.

Actually, this sounds like an intermediate error I had. After you install 0.9.0, you have to make sure none of the old \windows\system32\drivers\xen*.sys files are still there - anything with a date older than 5/18/08. Since you can't boot the domu, you will have to losetup/kpartx/mount -t ntfs-3g to remove anything besides xenhide, xenpci, xennet or xenvbd.
This was a virgin Windows domU, the GPL PV drivers have never been installed.

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