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Re: [Xen-users] Upgrading dom0 kernel

Hello there,

> I use Xen provided by Debian GNU/Linux packages with both PV domUs and
> dom0 Debian GNU/Linux. My doubt is the following one: whenever kernel in
> dom0 is updated, Ought I to shut down the domUs for to copy the modules
> directory and then starts these?

The version of kernels used in dom0 and domU do not have to match, so you 
don't automatically need to upgrade a domU kernel if you upgrade dom0.

However, some people set up their system so that they use dom0's kernel to 
start their domU's too.  If you're doing this then you'll need to update the 
modules in each domU's filesystem when you upgrade the dom0 kernel, otherwise 
they won't match.

If you're using a separate domU kernel to the dom0 kernel (for instance by 
storing the domU kernels in the guest filesystems and booting them with 
pygrub) then you don't need to worry.


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