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Re: [Xen-users] Preferred DomU creation method


Steve Spencer schrieb:
Is there a preferred method for creating a domain today; in other words, virt-install, xm create, etc.? I have one machine that the domains were created by another admin using xm create, and I /do/ like the config options for autostarting, etc. For some reason, I used virt-install on the current machine, and ended up with domains named and placed in /var/lib/xend/domains/{hash}/config.sxp

I can't turn on the autostart feature for that domain using virsh autostart domain, but was able to get the domain to autostart using a sleep 30 line followed by an xm start domain in rc.local.

If the preferred method is to use xm create, I'm more than willing to nuke the current config and start over with xm create. There are many reasons why I'd like to the two machines to be identical in configuration, but it's not mandatory.

I'm not really a Xen expert yet but I stumbled across the same questions recently. I understood that Xen is moving to xend managed domains what are the ones you see in /var/lib/xend and are created using "xm new ..."

The config of the xend managed domains contain a flag what should be done if xend is started or stopped. Very recent CVS snapshots of libvirt allow to use "autostart XEND_MANAGED_DOMAIN" and set the correct flag in the xend config. For other changes in the config which are not supported by libvirt (yet) you still need to stop the domain, get the current config using xm list --long, modify it and create it again with xm new which is not really nice IMHO.

At least the above are my findings about the issue and probably my knowledge on that is not complete. Others may correct me.


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