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RE: [Xen-users] Install Windows XP Pro with GPLV drivers.

> In french in the text :
> "Windows ne peut charger le pilote de périphérique de ce matériel. Ce
> pilote est peut être endommagé ou absent (Code 39)"
> In bad translate :
> "Windows can't load the drivers for this hardware. This drivers is
> perhaps broken or busy (code 39)".

That's what the others have reported, and I think I saw it once too.

> > Can you just try doing an 'update drivers' and just reinstall the same
> > driver again? Let me know how it turns out.
> >
> I 'update drivers' with the same drivers i have the 'code 10 error this
> drivers can't boot'

That is the error you would get if you _hadn't_ specified /gplpv and so xenhide 
had disabled them.


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