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Re: [Xen-users] xen and wireless driver

On Sunday May 25 2008 06:06:26 pm Boris wrote:
> I've just installed Xen on my laptop just for testing (no hardware
> virt support), and I've an issue with my wireless card. Does anybody
> knows if broadcom 4318 (with bcm43xx-fwcutter) works with Xen kernel?
> I've been reading and googling around and looks it doesn't works... (yet?)
> Any tip about it will be welcome.

I assume you are talking about not working in dom0. This may well be because 
your dom0 kernel is a lower version number than your non-xen kernel, such as 
the case with Fedora. Fedora 8's xen is 2.6.21, while it's non-xen is 2.6.24. 
My Intel 3945's driver has undergone quite a number of changes since 2.6.21, 
and doesn't work on the old kernel either.

On a related note, I tried to pass my card thru to my Fedora 9 pv domu, whose 
xen kernel is 2.6.25, but it didn't work, even tho' dom0 properly reported 
seizing the device in pciback. I was mystified until a recent post giving a 
link to an old (Nov. 2007) post by Daniel P. Berrange about plans for Fedora 
9 xen, which casually mentioned that F9 probably will not support pci 
passthrough. (2.6.24 kernels and up are the ones that work with pvops, not 
the standard xen code, and thus are still a work in progress. And of course, 
F9 doesn't support 2.6.25 as dom0 yet, either.)

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