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RE: [Xen-users] Release 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

> Everything is properly installed, altho', as I said before, you have
> tick 'hidden devices' to see xenstub. And all xen devices are shown as
> 0.9.1.
> The keyboard device does not show up at all, hidden or not, when
> w/ /gplpv. It shows up normally when booted w/o /gplpv.

Can you confirm that it works correctly when you use RDP?

> Are you saying you have a keyboard, and I'm the only one that doesn't?
> That would be 'puzzling' :-)

My keyboard works fine when using 'VNC Viewer' from 'RealVNC'. I can't
imagine that the VNC viewer in use would make any difference though...
especially if you don't see a keyboard at all under gplpv.

Someone once reported that in addition to the 'xen console' and 'xen
vfb' devices, they also saw a 'vkbd' device. I have never seen one of
those, but I have added it to the list of notes that xenstub will attach
to. I assume it's a 'keyboard' device... how many xenstub instances do
you see? Is one of them a vkbd device?


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