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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

On Sunday May 25 2008 09:53:21 pm James Harper wrote:
> Can you confirm that it works correctly when you use RDP?
> > Are you saying you have a keyboard, and I'm the only one that doesn't?
> > That would be 'puzzling' :-)
> My keyboard works fine when using 'VNC Viewer' from 'RealVNC'. I can't
> imagine that the VNC viewer in use would make any difference though...
> especially if you don't see a keyboard at all under gplpv.

I never got around to trying RDP, but as you say, with no keyboard device in 
Device Manager, it shouldn't make a diff. One of these days, I'll try it. It 
does give me an idea tho': I've been using Tightvnc on my SuSE box, and 
Fedora vnc on on xen box. Both of them have no keyboard. However, I have 
Tightvnc server installed on the domu, and when I connect directly to the 
domu ip, instead of the dom0 qemu-dm, I *do* have keyboard input, tho' there 
still is no keyboard device in Device Manager. This is extremely slow, tho' - 
probably because it is forcing the domu to do the compression in hvm time - 
so it is not an acceptable alternative for general use. It *does* provide an 
alternative to *rebooting* if I want to make a non-gui configuration change, 
tho'. It also means that maybe RDP *would* work, since it connects directly 
to the domu.

> Someone once reported that in addition to the 'xen console' and 'xen
> vfb' devices, they also saw a 'vkbd' device. I have never seen one of
> those, but I have added it to the list of notes that xenstub will attach
> to. I assume it's a 'keyboard' device... how many xenstub instances do
> you see? Is one of them a vkbd device?

Just two - console & vfb, no vkbd.

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