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Re: [Xen-users] paravirt_ops DomU, does it mean performance?

On Monday May 26 2008 05:02:23 am you wrote:
> Apparently there is still going
>  to be a lot of work to merge xen into mainline.
> I don't understand. Mark says that paravirt_ops kernel shall run at near
> performance to XenLinux kernel, but you say that it's not possible to boot
> such kernel. My experience is the same, I couldn't boot this 2.6.24 as a PV
> domU. So where do we use this pv_ops?
> My understanding was, given the necessary KERNEL_OPTIONS are enabled, the
> kernel shall boot fine as a Xen PV DomU, thus it would have been enough to
> write this inside the domu config file file kernel= line???

It's not possible *yet*, at least for Fedora. I've seen some people on this 
list say they were running 2.6.24 as a pv domu, from some other distro. 
Either that distro is still forward porting the standard xen patches, or they 
got pvops to work for them (and them alone). Fedora seems more inclined to a 
slow but correct approach - that is acceptable to the mainline kernel folks, 
so that their code will eventually be merged.

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