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Re: [Xen-users] Floppy disk in Windows DomU

On Monday May 26 2008 03:00:37 am James Harper wrote:
> > Add fda='/iso/winxp.img' to your domu conf. Then windows has a floppy
> >
> :)
> Any idea how I can trigger a disk change event? I need to be able to
> swap disks...

Probably the same problem as cds. I have had *some* luck with 'xm 
block-{at,de}tach', but more so with img files than physical devices. 
Sometimes attaching an img file, then switching to a physical device works.

It would be interesting if you are getting a floppy mounted while your pv 
drivers are loaded, since I still cannot read a dvd with them loaded.

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