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Re: Re[Xen-users] lease 0.9.1 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

Erol Yigit schrieb:
I succeeded,

bsdedit /set loadoptions GPLPV
Just to save everyone interested a few minutes, I guess this should read:

bcdedit /set loadoptions GPLPV

However, if I install the drivers on Win2k8 and set the bootoption as mentioned above and reboot, I get an "!" besides the Xen PCI device, and Harddisk/CDROM
are still named "QEMU *". Is there something else I need to be aware of?
May the missing signature be the problem? (BTW, I'm using version 0.9.2).

Erol Yigit wrote:
Hi Florian,

can you pass the /gplpv swich to the kernel on windows server 2008 ?
How did you do ?

Florian Manschwetus wrote:
Thx, james, for including the cat file entry, signing is much less work
Looks fine so far.

Box is up with pv drivers, runs fine, network performance (smb share to my file server) is still ok, (oo source tar ball to win 20MB/s, back to filer 30MB/s).
Lets wait for the new hardware to see real values. ;)


James Harper schrieb:
I have just uploaded a new binary release of the PV drivers for Windows.
I have tested that XenNet and XenSCSI can unload successfully (eg
upgrade without reboot), but only once this version or newer is

For now, it's probably best just to replace the .sys files in
c:\windows\system32\drivers with these new ones. I haven't tested how
install.bat works for an upgrade - one thing I haven't implemented is
the drivers behaving properly when a page file is on there - eg xenvbd
should refuse to unload in that case and it probably won't do the right

I have put the 'stub' drivers back so you can now silence xenvfb and
xenconsole asking for drivers by installing xenstub.

Have a look at the wiki page for more details:

Download from:
(there is a link to the download site from the wiki entry).


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