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Re: [Xen-users] About the time of live migration, it is too long

Yin Xu schrieb:
I am currently doing some research about the live migration feature of xen. It is said that the downtime can be less than 1 sec. But I can not get this result. I being the live migration ,and "ping" the guest IP,and found the total down is more than 30 seconds. > Than I tried migration without live it only stop about 15 minutes!
So I am really puzzled about the result, why this happen?

ARP tables are perhaps not updated on your switches; that's why you don't get any replies to ping.

Try either (or both):
- using arping instead of ping,
- start "ping" command from within your guest (i.e., some other host in the network), then do a live migration.

Did the migration time decrease?

As of "without live" migration - as I understand you correctly - did it take fifteen minutes for you? Either your guest has to be very big (lots of RAM), your network is very slow (packet losses etc. - check the speed of migration with a tool like iptraf or bwm).

Tomasz Chmielewski

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