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Re: [Xen-users] About the time of live migration, it is too long

Hi Yin,

What kind of application is running when you do your live-migration? Very 
CPU-intensive stuff? 
Xen makes use of an iterative pre-copy mechanism by looking at the "dirtied 
pages" in the RAM and retransferring these pages. Then it suspends the VM on 
the one machine, transfers the "hot pages" that change very frequently and then 
restarts the VM on the destination machine. But since your RAM is not that big 
and since you use a GigE connection, there should be no problem. I would assume 
this is related to the switch somehow. If you want to eliminate this and just 
watch it for research, simply use a cross-over cable (if the machines are close 
enough to each other ;)). In my test I had no ping-loss...
You could also have a look at both machines with the command "watch -n 0.1 xm 
list" to see when the machine is ready.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,
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