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[Xen-users] Best way to set up each DomUs in different subnets on only one NIC

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in the following scenario:

i have the ordinary DHCP Modem/Router with one public Ip address and the private Network behind him.

Bridged network works just fine, no worries there. I have about 6 Guests that receive their IP via DHCP. i'm looking now for a simple way to arrange my DomUs in different subnets (let's say my 6 domains in 3 subnets). Dom0 should have its own subnet and all Domains should be able to access the outer world (internet).

Can it be done quick an dirty? :) I just want a working setup at first... i'll tune it later if i have to.

Xen is 3.2.1 from Debian testing. All DomUs are also debian testing.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,

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