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[Xen-users] Credit Scheduler

I have a CentOS 5.2 Dual-Core Host with two domU's. One domU is for apache and postfix, the other one is just for BOINC. I thought that I can configure the XEN credit scheduler in such a manner, that the BOINC domU only gets CPU resources if the other one, the "important" one, has nothing else to do. After a "xm sched-credit -d boinc -w 1" and "xm sched-credit -d web -w 200" I run a CPU benchmark on the "web" domU. I expected that the "web" domU would get 199% CPU share and the boinc domU just 1%, because the "web" domU hast 200 times more weight than the BOINC domU. But the credit scheduler gave both domU's about 100% CPU share.
What am I missing here?

xm dmesg shows "(XEN) Using scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler (credit)"
and "xm sched_credit -d web" also confirms that the weight is set correctly.


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