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RE: [Xen-users] distro recommedation

        You might want to search the archives for GPLPV.  The GPLPV drivers
James Harper makes are considered beta and not production beta, but I
believe many people use them for production.  They might work with migration
by now, and I believe they are as fast or faster than some of the pay
options (but I don't know from experience, I recommend searching the
archives as I said to see tests others have done).  Also, I believe said
drivers should work with your distro as well, in fact, it seems like someone
recently may started working with James to make them work with Sun even.  If
you want to try another distro, you can, but since Xen is a hypervisor, I
wouldn't think it would make that much difference aside from
stability/functionality of dom0.  Personally, I use Fedora 8, but I would be
using CentOS if it supported my hardware.

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Hi guys,

what distribution do you recommend, if you want to run producive systems
on it. i got a cluster with two sles10sp2 nodes - but i'm not that
satisfied. The migration of my windows-systems are not working in an
acceptable way and the pv-drivers for win of suse are not a speed boost
at all. Well I could  spend big money for Xen Enterprise or VirtualIron
- but - do I really have to spend that money?

So - let me know - what you think.


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