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Re: [Xen-users] xend won't start on Ubuntu Hardy server

Markus SchÃnhaber:
> Denny Schierz:
>> hmm, ok. It seems so, but i started with a fresh install.  so, that
>> makes the difference. 
> Not necessarily.

More precisely: not at all. Whether or not you start a fresh install
seems to be completely irrelevant. AFAICT what did make the difference
is that you installed Xen 3.3.
I did a fresh install using the ubuntu-xen-server meta package which
left me with a xend that wouldn't start with the already mentioned error
message. This isn't too surprising if you take a look at
ubuntu-xen-server's dependencies:
# LC_ALL=C apt-cache depends ubuntu-xen-server
  Depends: bridge-utils
  Depends: libxen3
  Depends: linux-xen
  Depends: python-xen-3.2
  Depends: xen-docs-3.2
  Depends: xen-hypervisor-3.2
  Depends: xen-tools
You get mostly 3.2 Xen components - except libxen3, which will be on 3.3
level (provided the backports repositories are enabled). And this won't


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