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Re: [Xen-users] Xen version 3.3 and config file

Quoting Paras pradhan <pradhanparas@xxxxxxxxx>:

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 8:47 PM,  <jonr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Quoting Paras pradhan <pradhanparas@xxxxxxxxx>:


I am running xen 3.3 in cenos 5.2. I got th rpms from
http://www.gitco.de/repo/xen3.3.0. Then I used virt-install to install
centos52 guest. All went fine and I can run my guest using : xm start
guestname. But I am not able to find the domain configuration file of
my guest. It should be in /etc/xen/ (?) but this time where does the
virt-install stores the config file.


Hello Paras,

I asked the same question awhile back. The ugly truth is that it doesn't
create the file any longer. You can view the xml output by using 'virsh
dumpxml <domuName>'.

Hope that helps,


And how do I change the parameters.. like changing memory, disks etc.


Use 'virsh'. As root type vish on the command line, this will drop you into the virsh shell. From there you can do a 'memset <domid> <meminkb>'. Use 'man virsh' to figure out how to use all of the commands.

No Problem,

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