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Re: [Xen-users] Moving domU's from SLES10SP1 (xen-3.0.4) ---->> SLESL10SP2 (xen-3.2.0)

On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 10:35 -0500, James Pifer wrote:
> I have several xen servers running on SLES10SP1, xen-3.0.4_13138-0.40. I
> want to update them to SLES10SP2 hoping that will fix a few issues I'm
> having. I also want to use an ocfs2 file system so I an use migrate,
> etc, between my xen host servers.
> So I built a new xen server using SLES10SP2, xen-3.2.0_16718_14-0.4. I
> also setup an ocfs2 file system on our SAN. Everything seems good. My
> problems started when I tried to move over my current domUs. 
> First I tried a sles10 domU. I copied the sparse image file and config
> file. Modified the config file to point to the new path for the image
> file now located on the ocfs2 mounted file system. I then used xm create
> to create and start the domU. It got created and started fine, but it
> never finishes booting. 
> Next I tried one of my Windows HVM. Same thing, it seemed to create
> fine, but will not finish booting. It just sits at the Windows Server
> 2003 screen with the bar scrolling across the screen. 
> How do I troubleshoot this?
> More importantly, how do I move from existing domU's from xen-3.0.4 to
> xen-3.2.0?

Can anyone help with this? I'm stuck right now. 


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