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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Domain-U ethernet problem

Simon Hobson, on 12/05/2008 11:52 PM [GMT+500], wrote :
> Muzammel Asghar wrote:
>> Hellow fellows i need help about regarding Xen Domain-U static ip
>> address binding. I use Xen 3 on fedora core 8 all is working fine but
>> problem is that when guest domain create it always find ip address by
>> DHCP. I set static ip address in vm.cfg and currently no dhcp server is
>> running on Domain-0, but i don't know why it tries dhcp for domain-U.
> Have you configured your guest to use static addressing ?
> I'm not quite sure what setting the IP address in the Xen config file
> does, but you need to configure your client in much the same way as
> you would a standalone machine.

Thanks for your reply yes i do a static ip configuration in ifcfg-eth0
file for host and also define ip in cfg file of vm. But still no success :(

Muzammel Asghar

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