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[Xen-users] RE: Offline Install GPLPV Drivers?

> Hi James & list,
> Is there any way to "offline install" the gplpv drivers into a
> existing windows installation so that it can be booted under Xen with
> the drivers loaded? I often import existing machines into Xen by using
> vmware converter to import and boot them under vmware, and then
> loading a registry file to add keys for ide/intel/atapi drivers (see
> below for .reg file contents), the process is effective but can be
> longwinded so I am looking at alternatives.
> We have licenses for acronis true image so I can easily get a copy of
> a server ntfs volume into a lvm logical volume for use with Xen, and I
> am sure I can find ways to add the gplpv drivers to the disk and to
> edit the registry and boot.ini, but I need to know what keys need to
> be added, if necessary I will figure it out by comparing a registry
> export before and after installing them, but I thought I would ask you
> first.

It's not something I've done before, but a similar method should work.
I'm just working on a way of getting rid of the xenconfig driver, so the
next release should be a bit 'lighter' registry-wise.


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