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[Xen-users] RE: Shutdownmon, not a valid win32 app

> Hi All, James,
> I am trying to get the shutdowmon running on a windows 2000 server,
> I installed Sp4, .net libs and the drives,
> the drivers are not installed, but when I try to run shutdownmon.exe I
> This is not a valid win32 app,
> I am using version 0.9.11 in my test.
> Is this suppose to work?

I've never tested it on windows 2000 but I'm surprised that you get that
message. I wonder if it's trying to link with a library or use a
function that doesn't exist under windows 2000. That might explain why
some other people have reported problems eg if they use shutdownmon.exe
on a 2003 or xp machine that is not at a high enough service pack.

Can anyone else who has this problem tell me exactly what version and sp
they are running?



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