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[Xen-users] Easy way to remove GPLPV drivers version 0.9.10?

I have a new server built on SLES10SP2. None of my domU's from my
SLES10SP1 host will start. They just sit at the Windows 2003 title
screen with the bar scrolling. I have a forum thread open on Novell's
forums. The guy says it's likely that the GPLPV drivers are causing the
problem, since their VMDP drivers cause a similar issue. 

So I want to try and uninstall them to see if it helps. I tried the
uninstall found in All Programs, but that didn't work, at least not
completely. I also removed /GPLPV from the boot.ini, but they still seem
to load. 

Is there anyway to remove these without manually going through the

Does anyone believe this could be the problem? I have sles domU's that
will not load X correctly. If I boot them to init3 they boot up. So it's
not just windows. 

Not sure what's going on, but I'm totally frustrated now. Really want to
get to a more recent version of xen, but I can't get any of my domU's to
work. Company standard is sles, so I'm stuck there. 

Any help is really appreciated. 


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