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Re: AW: [Xen-users] How much room needed for MacOSX on Xen?

Franz Von Hahn wrote:
i don't know if that is enough for macosx but please be aware of the fact that you need at least ~2GB for a linux installation with graphical support. so you might only have 7-6 gb depending on the size of your swap partition..

I think OS X will install in that, but it will be fairly tight (in terms of being useful) unless you are careful to customise the installation and leave out all the cruft that's standard now.

infact i don't know if it's possible to virtualize mac os x since it might be very hardware specific.

Yes it is hardware specific, in particular they use the TPM to restrict it to only Apple hardware.

On Sat, 22 Nov 2008 14:58:48 -0500, "Todd Deshane" <deshantm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote :

Looks like people have got OS X on Xen working:

Also, Xen on mac mini (mactel):

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