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[Xen-users] Firewalling Xen?

Hi all,

I have the following Xen config and I was wondering what you'd recomend as a 
firewall setup.

Dom0 -
Dom1 - (Bridged)
Dom2 - (Bridged)
Dom3 - (Bridged)
Dom4 - (Bridged)

I'm wondering how to setup a firewall for Dom0 when all traffic for the DomUs 
go 'through' it.  How should the firewall take this into account?

On a side note, I read a more secure way was to have the 'primary' Dom to be a 
DomU firewall to avoid exploits to the Dom0 but I can't find proper 
documentation for such a setup.  Can someone point me in the right direction 

Many thanks.

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