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RE: [Xen-users] GPLPV + 32-bit Win2003R2 + Xen-3.3 unstable

> Hi,
> can you please post your new config file! I think I'm having the same
> problem, but don't know how to disable the options!
> Thanks,
> Sebastian

The checksum offload is disabled by doing the following in windows (from
memory - I could have missed a step):

Go to 'network connections', right click on the adapter, and click

Click the 'Configure...' button next to 'Xen Net Device Driver'

Go to the 'Advanced' tab

Change 'Checksum Offload' to 'Disabled'

If that does actually make a difference, please let me know. I'm having
difficulty figuring out the circumstances under which it fails, as it
seems to work perfectly for me.


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