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Re: [Xen-users] Differences when using Xen with Debian Lenny and other distro [was: xen,debian lenny and hvm(winxp)]

Thomas Goirand schrieb:
> I thought this was important to be said in order to not loose time if
> you are comming from another distro that Debian.
> If you are using Lenny, then you should do:
> cd /usr/lib
> ln -s /etc/alternatives/xen-default xen
done ;)
> Some other same abnormalities in Debian: the python files in
> /usr/lib/python/xen are NOT accessible in the python path unless you do:
> cd /usr/lib/python-support
> ln -s /usr/lib/xen/lib/python xen
there is no /usr/lib/xen/lib/python!

thank you thomas for your very helpful hints!

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