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Re: [Xen-users] [OT] How to move from pygrub to pv-grub?

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
Btw, I get garbled characters from your header displayed that should not display at all. X-GC-3.12: what is that? AFAIK, dots are not allowed in headers, that's why my reader doesn't like that line. Can you change that to use an underscore for instance?

I think your reader is broken.   From RFC 2822, §2.2, Header Fields:

   Header fields are lines composed of a field name, followed by a colon
   (":"), followed by a field body, and terminated by CRLF.  A field
   name MUST be composed of printable US-ASCII characters (i.e.,
   characters that have values between 33 and 126, inclusive), except
and in §3.6.8, Optional Fields, it gives the ABNF corresponding to that description so there's no excuse for getting it wrong :-) I did wonder if the obsolete comment field had any restrictions over its non-obsolete counterpart, but it doesn't.


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