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Re: [Xen-users] ho to assign in public ip?

Tony Liao wrote:

          the host service providers route the public ip 74.*.64.64/26
to physical host(74.*.64.18), but I don't know how to set these up.
          I searched the internet,and found
this:http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/360.I trid as the
article said but fail.
          I think I should setup the gateway first,which will be best
choice,virtual host or physical host? can do you have examples,no
mater NAT or BridgeÅB

Since you have multiple public IP's, I would use them for any public facing services - so don't use NAT. If you want an 'internal' network with more devices, then have this separately (and use NAT for that).

I would use a routed setup - your outside interface will have address 74.*.64.18, and your inside interface will have 74.*.64.nn where nn is any of your usable IPs (personally I would configure it as 74.*.64.65/26.

I personally would run a dedicated system (either a small 'real' box, or a VM guest) just to run the router, and I would install a firewall on it (my preference being Shorewall http://www.shorewall.net). Make all internet access go through this dedicated box.

You can either 'hide' the external interface and make it available directly to your guest (which is what I have at home), or have a separate xen bridge with the external interface in it (and not made available to any other guests).

If you want a 'private' internal network, then I would suggest a 3-port firewall setup with external, dmz, and internal interfaces - and have xen bridges for dmz and internal (plus external if you do it that way) networks.

Simon Hobson

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