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Re: [Xen-users] terrible problems with Xen on SLES 10.2 / 11

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Marcin Krol <mrkafk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm totally new to Xen and trying to run it on some platforms (x86, x64)
> using SLES (that is what I have to use for reasons other than technical).

Not the best reason :P
If you're using it as domU then you should be able to use any distro
that you're familiar with as dom0. My favorite is RHEL5.

> Several machines on which I tried using Xen simply fails to run normally
> using Xen kernel: either network communication is not functioning at all
> despite proper configuration (that works on non-Xen kernel), or the kernel
> can't communicate with disks, issuing SCSI bus reset commands in loop (and
> failing to reset it).

What is your xen setup like? Which part is experiencing problems:
dom0, PV domU? HVM domU?

> Hardware is mainly made by IBM (xSeries with older Xeon or Opteron CPUs).
> While booting Xen kernels on SLES they have following symptoms:
> - various FATAL errors while loading modules, like missing xen_vbd or
> missing xen_vnif
> - when booting non-xen kernel, messages in dmesg like:
> xen_vnif: Unknown symbol balloon_update_driver_allowance
> xen_vnif: Unknown symbol balloon_release_driver_page

Again, what is your setup like?
xen-vnif and xen-vbd are PV drivers for Linux HVM domU. You do NOT
need them for dom0 or PV domU. Besides, AFAIK they only work for
kernel 2.6.18.x, not for newer kernels.

Is it perhaps a HVM domU converted to physical machine? Or is it a
machine upgraded from older suse version?


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