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[Xen-users] XP HVM w/o VT/AMD-V?

  My current server is a nice new Intel 64-bit box and it's running great now 
(with all PV
guests). However, the machine it replaced is sitting here unused, and I'd like 
to employ
it with Xen as well.

  I currently have an older box from some of my previous virtualization 
experiments that
is running an Ubuntu host and Sun's VirtualBox VM software with one Linux and 
one XP
guest. It runs ok, but I found the setup to be twitchy and unstable. It might 
be the
computer itself, the host OS or VirtualBox itself, I have no way to know. But, 
I thinks to
myself, why not bring up this unused server with Xen and move the guests from 
over to it? Then I could reformat the machine that has VBox on it into another 
Xen and
have plenty of capacity to move guests around.

  I was able to convert the VBox VDI into a raw .img file that Xen can handle 
just fine,
and move it over to the new (old) Xen machine. but when I went to boot it, I 
that I didn't have Intel VT extensions and it won't boot an HVM without them.

  To be fair, I think I knew that. But, what I'm curious about is that the 
machine with
VBox on it is about the same vintage Intel CPU, also without VT. So, VirtualBox 
must be
using more QEMU-style software virtualization to accomplish virtualizing 
HVM-type guests
without VT?

  Based on my current experience, I've been happier with Xen, and would like to 
switch all my virtualization to Xen. The Linux guest can probably be switched 
to PV, but
obviously the XP guest can't. Is there any tricks I can employ to accomplish Xen
virtualization of an HVM XP box without VT or AMD-V extensions? I'd really love 
eliminate VirtualBox from the mix, but I don't have the ability to move the 
WinXP guest
over to my new machine that has the VT extensions.

  I guess I could maybe run QEMU or something just for this one XP HVM guest?

  Any ideas welcomed.

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