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Re: [Xen-users] how to mount one volume to 2 guests

2009/6/3 Alain Barthe <ab266061@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2009/6/2 <nikolanikov@xxxxxxx>
>> Yes I realize that, I want to use it with ocfs2. How I can set mode to w!
>> ?
> I am not sure to understand, but OCFS2 is a file system. If you want to use
> it, I think you have to create a disk image file on your ocfs2 file system,
> then to use the "file:" or "tap:io:" prefix in your domU config files.
> You can't use directly a shared physical device, even if you created OCFS2
> file systems on it.

of course you can!

if i understand correctly the original question, he has an LV
(/dev/mapper/test_vg-test64_454) that he wants to make available to
two DomUs as a shared block device, with OCFS2 inside it so they play

for that, simply use the 'w!' flag to turn off the 'only one DomU per
backing storage' safety check.

all this has nothing to do if the backing store is on phy:, tap: or
file:, nor on the filesystem used to hold the backing files (if the're
files and not block devices)


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