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[Xen-users] Re: Merge Xen (the hypervisor) into Linux

> Linux is not the only player here.  NetBSD can run as dom0 guest. 
> Solaris can run as dom0 guest too.  Thus making the dom0/xen interface 
> private to linux and xen isn't going to fly.

It does not however preclude fixing the dom0 interface.

Anyway we deal with unfixable interfaces on a regular basis with device
hardware. What we don't do is screw up the kernel handling garbage
hardware. We dump the adaption on the driver.

Same with Xen, impedance matching Xen's interface with the kernel is (at
least initialy) something that belongs entirely in the Xen glue, or to
get started initially by just turning off stuff.

MTRR, PAE etc can all be turned off for the purpose an initial merge.

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