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[Xen-users] Re: Merge Xen (the hypervisor) into Linux

On 06/03/09 10:47, Alan Cox wrote:
Linux is not the only player here.  NetBSD can run as dom0 guest.
Solaris can run as dom0 guest too.  Thus making the dom0/xen interface
private to linux and xen isn't going to fly.

It does not however preclude fixing the dom0 interface.

It wasn't my intention to imply that. The interface can be extended when needed. PAT support will probably be such a case. Changing it in incompatible ways isn't going to work though.

MTRR, PAE etc can all be turned off for the purpose an initial merge.

s/PAE/PAT/?  PAE is mandatory ...

Having not-yet supported stuff disabled initially is sensible IMHO. Can be done for MTRR and PAT. Is already done for MSI ;)

The lapic/ioapic stuff must be sorted though because otherwise you can't boot the box at all. I think the same is true for the swiotlb bits.


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