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Re: [Xen-users] Xend stopped unexpectedly

On 10/06/09 11:39, Tapio Salonsaari wrote:

Ok, so it seems my assumptions was correct. I knew that it's possible
that kernel will kill processes if there's no resources to keep them
running but I just wondered if xend is somehow protected from it. I
don't know if this is even possible but if it is IMO xend should
automatically have higher priority so that it's not the first on line of

Does your system have plenty of swap? I've been running a beefy dom0 with at least 20 odd domUs running and dom0 has only had a fixed 512MB allocated to it for the majority of its life.

Stability is however still an issue and I'm not yet sure if growing
dom0-min-memory -limit solved the problem. And I'm still interested why
some of domU's survived xend crash and is it even possible to recover
from such situation gracefully?

I'm not sure I can answer this bit for you as I've never really been in the situation.

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