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[Xen-users] Planning - question about storage

Hi everyone,

I am very new to Xen but will migrate 3 SAP ERP servers plus 1 SolMan
into a Xen environment next year, probably running Novell's SLES (as we
use SLES right now).

The machines will be app servers only, no DB - the DB is "outsourced" to
a common Oracle RAC this year (maintained by a colleague).

So I will get 2 boxes and now fiddle around with possible configuration
of storage. Due to SAP notes the SAP binaries must be stored on the RAC
and made accessible from there, for example via NFS or SAN. In our
company, we are used to SANing ;-), so my boxes will have some FC boards
to connect to the RAC's 2 FC switches. Am I right that I can access the
block device from SAN (will be one big thing with OCFS2) inside dom0 and
pass them via phy: to the domUs?

Next: the OS of the domU. I plan to have some local disk space (about
300 GB per box). I think on something like a drbd drive (RAID-1) that is
separated into chunks for each domU. The dom0 forwards the respective
part to the domU. The domUs use this disk space for their operating
system. Somewhere (like in /bigthing/) the big shared storage is mounted
and the necessary symlinks for SAP are set.

Can this become a working layout?


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